Chifa Places

So, where doe the Chifas love to visit? Well, the Chifas love to go to restaurants (of course), pubs, and to racetracks.

It’s pretty obvious why we love to go to restaurants and to pubs, they serve food and alcohol. The Chifa loves fine food and fine alcohol, there’s not many things that can amplify your love for life. No matter the type of restaurant or pub, whether we are searching for high class fine food, or a mom and pop place to eat real down to earth food, we love it all.

Racetracks. The Chifas love speed and turns. The chifas frequently visit tracks to race eachother. Whether we are racing down a straight road, working on our 1/4 mile times, or we are going down multi-mile tracks trying to top out our cars speeds, we love it. Even drifting is a common practice for the chifas, flying around a corner with your tail end hanging out, is a feeling that will go down as a top one.

If you are in to eating food, drinking alcohol, and racing – you might be a good fit for the Chifas!