Chifa Culture

What does the chifa chief have to say about the chifa culture?

The Chifa Chief says live life to the fullest. Live happy, live young, live for everyone. Think about it, the problem with today is that everyone only thinks for themeselves. We are seperating people, too much individualism. Why cant we love eachother? Why cant we be share ideas and live amongst eachother. No more hate, no more violence. We the Chifas love eachother, love nature, and love food. The Chifa appreciates good meals throughout the day. If there is one way to a Chifa heart, its through the stomach. Multiple spices, many flavors, and a feeling of delicious fullness, that is what we want. So the Chifa loves happiness, togetherness, and food.

What is the Chifa Chiefs favorite meal?

Im glad you asked, The Chifa Chief enjoys a good fat steak. Give me some good ole’ fashion sirloin with potatoes and broccoli. If you present the Chifa Chief with that type of meal, you can have whatever you want. That is how you please the Chifa Chief.

Spread the chifa love guys.

Spread happiness, lead by example. Don’t put others down, use their mistakes to learn. Why make the same mistake someone else does, why not learn from what they did wrong so you can do right? This is what the Chifa is all about. An uprising of togetherness, one that will benefit the world.

Be happy, eat well, treat everyone the right way, and love eachother! Its that simple.