Chifa Food

Chifa Food!! Chifa Food!! Chifa Food!

We all know the Chifa is all about the Food. Aside from the love for one another, comes the love for food. There is never a bad time or place to have food. Chifa’s will eat everything they can. We appreciate fine dining and nice meals, but we also enjoy those nasty greasy burgers that hit home. If you need to apologize, celebrate, or appreciate, its best done through food.

We love all food groups, we dont discriminate. Whether you enjoy your meats, your veggies, or your fishes, we will cook and share it all.

Chifa Chief Meal

Each year we celebrate Chifa Chief Day. This is when we cook for weeks in preparation for the single largest eating day throughout the year. Piles of food is prepared, tables, decorations, and eating contests are set up. The Chifa year builds for this day. It is to give thanks to our awesome Chifa Chief. Piles bigger than cows themselves are full of meat. Piles of fish and fruit tower above the tables and people. It is the greatest time of the year. If you cant imagine a pool of gravy, then you need to come out to the next Chifa Chief Meal.

Chifa Diet?

There is no Chifa diet. People need to understand what they are eating and how to eat. Use the different food groups, and exercise. The Chifa’s are a powerful people, we eat to fuel us throughout our lives.